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Product Catalogues

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If you are wanting a pricelist, or details on other products we offer, then please contact us via our email or by calling us at one of our branches.

Metal Framing

The original Metal Framing system, Unistrut metal framing products set the standard for design, performance, and quality. Our products have been in use throughout the world for over 80 years, and offer quick, efficient, and cost effective application solutions to support the demands of construction and industry.

The Unistrut system is designed to provide rigid and strong metal construction, without the need for welding and drilling. Bolted Unistrut is fully adjustable, demountable, and reusable, and the engineered system of standard components can be combined to create a virtually unlimited variety of supports and structural elements.

Collectively, our New Zealand sales team has over 120 years of experience in designing and supplying framing solutions, and are constantly coming up with new ways to help the market work faster, and smarter. The extensive range of products, is complemented by the ability to access additional ranges and technical support from sister Unistrut companies throughout the world.

Engineering Data

The entire Unistrut framing system has been engineered and tested to meet the highest standards. Comprehensive data is outlined in our manual, and, framing systems are able to be designed and certified with the assurance that every part of the system has been put to the test. This catalogue contains relevant information to enable engineers and designers to specify Unistrut systems with confidence.

Pipe Support/Mechanical

Unistrut’s system of mechanical supports and pipe clamps, are designed to simplify and reduce the cost of attaching and supporting tube, duct, and pipe into construction and industry... From small refrigeration tubing, through to large industrial process and infrastructure piping, Unistrut pipe clamps can be used in conjunction the our metal framing system to meet a vast range of requirements.


Unistrut manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of cable supports, from Heavy Duty cable ladders, to light duty cable trays and trunking... All heavy duty cable ladders, both Aluminum and Steel, are all fully tested to Nema standards by independent testing authorities, and can be specified to achieve engineered loadings with confidence. Cable trays and trunking, in various steel options and aluminium, are supplied to construction projects throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

The cable support range is complemented by adjustable cantilever brackets, beam clamps, trapeze hangers, and a wide range of cable clamps. Fiberglass cable support products are also available to order. Whether it be for industrial or architectural requirements, Unistrut has the cable support system to suit. Additional cable support systems are detailed below.

Vergokan Cable Management

Vergokan’s search for continuous improvement has led to the development of a new generation of cable trays: KBSCL FUSION... This innovative solution is strong and reliable, but mostly stands out for its simplicity. The cable trays simply click together, without tools, nuts or bolts (even though this option is available).

Basket Tray

The most recent introduction to the New Zealand range, the Acrofil system has been supplied for many years throughout Europe and the USA... With its patented AUTOLOC splicing design, Acrofil speedily and simply connects trays, and eliminates the need to time-consuming nut and bolt connections. Junctions are quickly and economically made on site with the minimum of hardware requirements, and the rigid nature of the basket-tray design, reduces the amount and cost of supports required.


Our Unitray (Laddertray) system offers the contractor the ability to site-manufacture all required junctions, thereby reducing installation cost over traditional cable trays and ladders...

Unitray also presents the most comprehensive range of accessories such as cost effective prefabricated reducers for speed of installation on site and a more appealing finish.

Unitray is used widely as an architectural cable support, and the comprehensive range of light, medium, and heavy duty products ensure that the Unistrut Unitray system is an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective cable support medium.

Skirting Duct

Unistrut has a wide range of aluminum skirting duct designs, which can meet most construction requirements... For both electrical and data cable reticulation (including cat6) the Unistrut designed skirting ducts allow for quick and economical fitting of most ranges of recognized outlet plates. Unistrut skirting ducts can be powder coated or anodized to meet virtually any requirement, and are widely used throughout prestige office complexes.

Seismic Bracing

Recent events around the globe have highlighted the need for consideration around the seismic restraining of support systems in construction and industry... The Unistrut seismic catalogue information shows how certain existing support systems can be seismically retrofitted, and gives guidelines around new installations. The Seismic Bracing information detailed here is for general information only. For compliance with NZS4219:2009, please contact your local Unistrut Service Centre.


To complete the package, we have an experienced team of installers who can assist with the installation of various Unistrut products into commercial and industrial sites. Contact your local Unistrut Service Centre for a quote.